• Research Committee

    Research Committee

    Within the coming year we will renew the Research committee by having 4-5 new members coming in. Please apply here if you are interested in joining our committee. Our committee is open to European as well as non-European members!



  • FEAPU Exam 2023

    FEAPU Exam 2023

    Application for FEAPU exam is open until October 10th 2022.
  • ESPU statement on the violence against Ukraine

    ESPU statement on the violence against Ukraine

     The ESPU deeply sympathizes with the people of Ukraine who are currently suffering greatly from unjustified and extremely brutal military aggression from outside. We stand together against the use of unwarranted violence to resolve political disputes. 

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  • 32nd ESPU Congress

    32nd ESPU Congress

    June 8-11th, 2022 in Ghent, Belgium
    Registration opens on 18th of March, early bird deadline is April 22nd:

  • Inaugural JPU lecture:

    Inaugural JPU lecture: "The future of Pediatric Urology"

    Now released on YouTube:
    Lecturers: Prof. Nicolas Kalf and Dr. Catherine R. DeVries.
    Followed by panel debate chaired by Tony Caldamone, Editor-in-Chief, JPU.

    Intro and Lecture Pt. 1 Lecture Pt. 2 Medal Presentation Discussion

  • Investigator Resnet

    Investigator Resnet

    The Investigator Resnet is an investigator registry conceived by the ESPU Research Committee to spark linkages and foster collaborations between investigators interested in Pediatric Urology.

    To become a Resnet member, simply click on the link and register: https://investigator-resnet-espu.org/register/

  • UrPedia



    Discover the brand new encyclopaedia for paediatric urology!

    Visit https://www.urpedia.org

  • ESPU Thesis Award

    ESPU Thesis Award

    The ESPU has established the Thesis Award. This price will be awarded once every two years during the Annual Meeting to the best thesis on a topic in the field of pediatric urology published in the three preceding calendar years. Applicants must be members of the ESPU and the research must have been conducted in Europe or under the auspices of a European institute.

  • Mission and Vision of the ESPU

    Mission and Vision of the ESPU



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  •  Application Research Grant

    Application Research Grant

    The grant is to create contact between institutions with research facilities and young paediatric urologists with research ambitions, both within Europe...