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Investigator Resnet

The Investigator Resnet is an investigator registry conceived by the ESPU Research Committee to spark linkages and foster collaborations between investigators interested in Pediatric Urology. Pediatric Urology is defined broadly as all aspects of congenital conditions affecting the genito-urinary system, as well as GU conditions acquired in childhood, and which may persist across the lifespan. Progress in Pediatric Urology can only succeed through integrated efforts between investigators. Resnet is dedicated to bringing all levels and investigator disciplines together, including physicians, allied heath professionals, and basic researchers, to elevate the range of expertise and effort for the advancement of Pediatric Urology care worldwide.

To become a Resnet member, simply click on the link and register: https://investigator-resnet-espu.org/register/

About the Research Committee

The ESPU Research Committee was formed in the fall of 2016. The committee’s vision statement is, “To improve the urological health of children through the advancement of medical research”.

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Developing and Validating Scales

Scale development and validation are critical to much of the work in the health, social, and behavioral sciences. However, few researchers have the education or skill set to rigorously develop these useful tools. The following article provides steps to both develop and validate scales.

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Clinical Research Protocol Template

This template is applicable to most studies, including observational studies, pre/post-intervention studies, case/control studies, biological sample collection, qualitative studies, cross-sectional studies, and studies that randomized into standard of care treatment. This template should NOT be used for studies which involve new investigative drugs or devices. These types of studies require an expanded protocol with additional detail such as dosing, reporting of adverse events, etc.

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How to Publish High Resolution Figures

Creating high resolution figures that meet journal submission criteria can often be a confusing and erroneous task for authors. This article provides you with tips and tricks when creating high resolution figures.

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How to Select a Statistical Test

Jaykavan Charan published this informative paper in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Results. The paper discusses types and distribution of data as well as the aim of the study. The paper also includes a handy diagram on which statistical test to use based on data type/distribution.

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Guidelines for Submission of Research Surveys of the ESPU Membership

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The ESPU Research Committee will endeavor to assist in the distribution of surveys created by ESPU members for research purposes promoting the advancement of knowledge related to pediatric urology. The Research Committee will consider the following points before agreeing to distribute surveys on behalf of member survey authors to the ESPU membership.

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