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About the Young Pediatric Urologists Committee

Welcome to the Young Pediatric Urologists Committee!

The ESPU YPUC is a group of pediatric urologists mainly comprised of fellows, who are in training in one of the JCPU programs, as well as past fellows and other members who can contribute importantly. It is a relatively small working group elected among the members of the larger young pediatric urologists club to improve effectiveness.

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First gathering at ESPU2014 / Innsbruck

Dear Young Pediatric Urologists!

We hope that with this webpage we will be able to create a place for us all to communicate and to organize an exchange of thoughts as well as people across different pediatric urologic fellowship programs.
This blog is intended as a log to document what we are doing and how we are developing. Therefore I will begin to tell the story from the very first idea on until the launch of this page in June 2014.

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