As part of its mission to advance medical research, the ESPU Research Committee has been presenting educational sessions at the Annual Congress since 2017. These sessions cover a range of topics and are designed to provide both basic science and clinical researchers with targeted information to enhance their ability to successfully conduct research.

Upcoming Educational Sessions

The Research Committee is scheduled to present four educational sessions at the 30th Annual Congress in Lyon, France.

Wednesday 24, April 2019

12:30 - 13:15 Research Committee Session: BIASED TO BIAS
Moderators: Goedele Beckers (Netherlands), Darius Bägli (Canada), Magdalena Fossum (Sweden)

Thursday 25, April 2019

07:15 - 08:15 Research Committee Educational Session: "Chance: The (surprising) secrets of luck, randomness and probability"
Martin Kaefer (USA), Katherine Herbst (USA), Nicolas Kalfa (France)
17:00 - 17:45 Research Committee Session: "Everything you should know about statistics in 45 terrifying minutes"
Katherine Herbst (USA), Martin Kaefer (USA), Magdalena Fossum (Sweden), Goedele Beckers (Netherlands)

Friday 26, April 2019

16:00 - 16:45 JPU - ESPU Research Committee Joint Session: "Navigating amidst predators and falsehood: how to preserve HMS science"
Tony Caldamone (USA), Luke Harper (France), Nicolas Kalfa (France)