Urotherapy Book

64 Her results were discussed with the urologist as there is a possibility, that her incontinence is based on bladder neck insufficiency, detrusor over activity, or purely the laughter itself. Also it was not clear whether it is just stress incontinence. For further diagnosis, a video urodynamic examination followed. Conclusion and follow-up During video urodynamic investigation, her bladder neck stayed closed, and only opens on coughing and squeezing. Although detrusor overactivity, she was able to contract her pelvic floor muscle during it and she did not leak urine. When provoked into laughing, she lost a bit of urine. She has no stress induced urge which can sometime cause giggle incontinence. Her pelvic floor muscle is completely relaxed while voiding. She has solely pure giggle incontinence. VOID 17-70-0 total bladder capacity 46 ml time to Qmax 16,9ml/s Pdet. Qmax 6 s Voided volume 68 ml Flow time 13 s Voiding time 18 s Hesitancy - s Mean flow 5,2ml/s PVR 0ml