Urotherapy Book

63 At the ultrasound, the physiotherapist noticed a postponed relaxation in the beginning. She explained to Jennifer that she should imagine the pelvic floor muscle contraction as a ladder from 0-5 and that 0 is completely relaxed and 5 is fully contracted. This was also shown on the ultrasound and Jennifer could see the pushing up of the bladder-neck clearly when the pelvic floor muscle was tightened. Jennifer was able to indicate this reasonably well, whereby the link between general tension and pelvic floor muscle tension was made in relation to gymnastics. By practicing walking and balance exercises, Jennifer got a better understanding of awareness of action, strength, endurance, timing of contraction and coordination. Follow-up After six week we had phone contact with her mom. She told us that Jennifer is highly motivated, she applies the trainings rules and awareness and control of pelvic floor muscles, she went 4 times to the physiotherapist for training. She and her mother noticed a decreased the degree of incontinence i.e., less wet but still she is wet when laughing. For this reason, Jennifer avoids drinking too much. So, an adequate fluid intake requires attention. Both were satisfied but also disappointed that wetting existed, so their complaints are still present.