Urotherapy Book

51 Assessment She describes bowel movements 3-4 times a week without faecal incontinence. The stool doesn’t feel hard, and the consistency is like Bristol 3-4. She poops a normalsized stool. If she is in school, she avoids the toilets but seldom needs to hurry to the toilet to poop. She has had some pain in the lower abdominal but never bloated stomach. She pees 2 times a day and has urgency almost every day. She doesn’t feel the need to void in school and never withholds the pee. Has small amounts of urine incontinence 2-3 times a week that comes when she has urgency. She pees with an interrupted stream and pushes the urine out. She does not always pee in the morning. No enuresis and does not wake up at night to pee in the toilet. She has a rectum width about 2,8 cm. Bladder wall thin but a lot of urine in the bladder, 663 ml. At her age, she has an estimated bladder capacity of about 400 ml. Uroflow shows an interrupted stream with Q-max 15 ml/seconds and voiding time 45 seconds. She pees 560 ml and has about 100 ml residual urine. After double voiding she has 20 ml left in the bladder. Physical examination done by paediatrician – No abnormalities either neurological or anatomical. Ultrasound of the kidneys and ureters normal. Bladder wall thickness 5 mm with empty bladder.