Urotherapy Book

50 Case 4 Underactive Bladder Treatment in a 14 year old girl  Objectives After completing this chapter, you will: 1. Understand the impact of an underactive bladder on quality of life 2. Plan education for a 14-year-old girl and her parents. 3. Outline the therapeutic regimen for underactive bladder Keywords Underactive bladder, bladder diary, flowmeter, ultrasound Background Lisa is 14 years old and came to the emergency ward having a problem peeing. On the ultrasound, she had approx. 900 mls in the bladder. She voided and had about 100 ml left. She has had several lower urinary tract infections during the past years that have been treated through her general practitioner. She comes to the urology outpatient clinic the day after, on a semi-emergency visit to follow up for her symptoms.  At home and at school Lisa goes to 8th grade, is happy in school and has a lot of friends. She has good grades and has no trouble focusing in class at school or with homework at home. She lives with her mother and father and a younger brother 8 years old. In her spare time, she rides horses and spends time with her friends. She hasn’t told her friends about her urine incontinence and is embarrassed by it. She refuses to tell her teachers about it.