Urotherapy Book

36 At night he is still wet, and he is motivated to train. This is the most important factor in your decision to start an alarm treatment. The plan is to start a bedwetting training with alarm. Due to his small bladder volume, prescribing desmopressin (Minrin) is not preferred. It is expected that the alarm treatment in combination with oxybutynin will be sufficient. The Urotherapist provided him with instructions about the bedwetting alarm training, as he is ready for that. Mother has already purchased the alarm, so he can start immediately the same evening. Phone contact 4 weeks later. His mother told you that he had 13 dry nights during the first four weeks, That’s an amazing result. He takes his own responsibility and keeps the rules. He wakes up when the alarm goes off. He is keeping his bedwetting diary every day. The Urotherapist discussed that they may reward him with compliment or with his favourite food. He is working hard and doing his best. Rewarding will help him to keep the motivation. The final goal is 14 dry nights in a row. Phone contact 6 week later. David proudly told you that he has achieved 14 dry nights in a row. Super! He is still dry during day and during night. He is able to continue his good drinking, voiding and bowel habits. He may stop his alarm treatment.