Urotherapy Book

35 David finished his bladder training and received a Diploma! The plan is to continue with Oxybutynin to support his bladder and to help to increase the bladder volume. After 6 months he is coming back at the outpatient clinic for treatment of bedwetting. Six months later: After completing his bladder training, David learned during the training how to stay dry during daytime. The most difficult moments are still after schooltime, while playing with friends or the PlayStation. He voids 6-7 x per day. He has measured his maximum voided volume at home, and it has increased to 250mls, although this volume is still small according to his expected bladder capacity (EBC). He is 10 years now, so it should be around 330 ml. Beware that constipation can be a contributory factor for OAB, incontinence and bedwetting and hence always check defecation habit/bowel movement. It is possible that he has developed constipation due to the use of Oxybutynin. It’s important to check it according the Rome 4 criteria. David has no severe side effects of Oxybutynin, no dry mouth, and he still has bowel movement every day, Bristol stool chart is 3 and he has no faecal incontinence.