The YPUC Bylaws


  • closely collaborate with faculty members of  training programs and the other members of the educational and research committees of the ESPU and the board to provide support of projects
  • bring in something to improve further the JCPU fellowship program
  • foster networking and exchange among young pediatric urologists within JCPU program, and beyond
  • enable  exchange programs during the ESPU/JCPU fellowship program
  • enable exchange for interested people beyond the ESPU/JCPU program
  • taking active part in multicentric scientific activities under the auspices of the research committee which will in counterpart examine research propositions coming from the YPUC
  • provide a forum for discussion on current problems in pediatric urology for pediatric urologists in training


  1. ESPU YPUC reports to the ESPU board and is mentored by senior ESPU members as to organizational and contextual (e.g. scientific projects) matters
  2. Structure
    1. the ESPU YPUC is comprised of
      1. one large group of all interested people: ‘YPUC at large’
      2. a small working group (8-10 persons) comprised of
        1. chairperson
        2. a vice-chairperson
        3. ordinary members with specific missions according to the needs of the committee:
          1. secretary
          2. webmaster
          3. social Media
          4. exchange program
          5. scientific coordination
    2. the chairperson is elected among the working group members every 2 years ensuring for continuity as this person is in the working group for <2 years in total
    3. the working group members are elected
      1. every 2 years
      2. from the large group
      3. after suggestions from the directors/faculty program eventually
      4. after a process where all members of the larger group can apply
      5. decision is taken by the chairperson after a vote in the group.
    4. the maximum possible period inside the working group is 4 years.
    5. the working group should represent training programs across Europe if possible, but nationality is no criteria for participation, whilst eagerness to actively participate is.

  3. Criteria for participation in ESPU YPUC
    1. being a fellow in one of the JCPU accredited programs or
    2. being FEAPU in the first 2 years after training or
    3. being nominated by the YPUC delegates (e.g. not in the program but can bring in important inputs) for the eagerness to bring in important input
      a-c. being motivated and willing to invest work and time to organize meetings, evaluate new tools concerning the fellowship training, collaborate closely with the other members of YPUC, assessing data, attending meetings, …
  4. The chairperson of the ESPU YPUC
    1. serves as the primary representative of the committee
    2. is a position primarily intended to be taken by a fellow in a JCPU accredited program
    3. changes every 2 years at latest, earlier by her/his own wish
    4. at the end of the active period of the current chairperson, the chairperson elect takes her/his position
    5. the chairperson elect is nominated by the group every time a change is upcoming during the yearly meeting at the ESPU congress
    6. chairperson, chairperson elect and past chairperson take the main responsibilities of
      1. coordinating projects and delegating tasks to the other members
      2. communicating with our mentors (directors/faculty members of training programs) and the commitees of the ESPU involved in our projects
  5. Membership
    1. prerequisite for membership is the motivation to bring something in and the willingness to work actively
    2. the program directors of the JCPU accredited fellowship programs can suggest  members  the group who will be submitted to a vote by the committee
    3. if no contribution is made during the period between two meetings (=1 year), membership may be suspended by decision of the group

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