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About the Young Pediatric Urologists Committee

Welcome to the Young Pediatric Urologists Committee!

The ESPU YPUC is a group of pediatric urologists mainly comprised of fellows, who are in training in one of the JCPU programs as well as past fellows and other members who can contribute importantly. It is a relatively small working group elected among the members of the larger young pediatric urologists club to improve effectiveness.

The YPUC members share a passion for academic pediatric urology and further improving the European curriculum of the pediatric urologic fellowship by active contribution and collaboration.

We are committed to uphold and entertain a large network of “young” people interested in pediatric urology in order to further promote our great subspecialty.

Running Projects

  • evaluation of a new logbook app for the fellowship curriculum
  • multicentric international study on ureteropelvic junction obstruction
  • current management of megaureters – the megasurvey
  • follow-up and care after hypospadias operations
  •  exchange program
  • ...

Current Members

Anne-Françoise Spinoit
Gent, Belgium

Anna Radford
Leeds, United Kingdom

Oliver Sanchez
Genève, Swiss

Matthieu Pyecelon
Paris, France

Ahmed Adam
Johannesburg, South Africa

Milan Gopal
Newcastle, United Kingdom

Christa Strasser
Linz, Austria

Artan Koni
Tirana, Albania

Caroline Smith
Sheffield, United Kingdom

AB Stillebroer
Utrecht, The Netherlands

RP Schroeder
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Uschi Tonnhofer
Vienna, Austria

Junaid Ashraf
Leeds, United Kingdom

Mesrur Selçuk Silay
Istanbul, Turkey

Bernhard Haid
Linz, Austria

Ali Cansu Bozaci
Ankara, Turkey

We are happy about any message sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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