Research Activities during ESPU meeting in Barcelona

The ESPU research committee would like to invite you to their activities at the ESPU congress in Barcelona.

Dear visitor of our session on “how to write an abstract and how to rate it” on Friday 21st 16.00-16.45 (see below)

In preparation of this course we invite you to read this manuscript on an abstract scoring system. To feel how it works in practice, you are invited to read a selection of 6 abstracts, and to rate them in the excel file. You can calculate the score you would give to the abstract by giving points in accordance to the scoring system described in the manuscript. For this, you start with 50 points, and you add or subtract points according to the scoring system in the manuscript.

Please bring your work with you, because we will discuss it during the course!

Good luck. See you in Barcelona!

The ESPU research committee.

Please attend, or pass the word about the following sessions:

Reaching out to researchers Wednesday 19th 12.45-13.30 (Auditorium)
This session is dedicated to all pediatric urologists who are implicated in or interested in the field of research. Both clinical and basic research will be discussed during the meeting. Young pediatric urologists and active researchers are particularly welcome.
If you plan to start a research plan, please visit us too.
Let’s be ready for the session! Send your questions to the committee by email: or on this form before April 14. All inquiries will be read carefully and most of them will be discussed with the full audience. Let us know what you expect from us! Supporting the diffusion of research in pediatric urology? Providing some help to young teams? Connecting international teams working on complementary topics? Please tell us how you imagine the role of the research committee and what we can do for you.

Ethical issues in study design, statistics, and reporting of findings – A researcher’s responsibility to participants, physicians, and patients
Short Title: Crash Course on Study Design and Ethics.
Thursday 20th 7.15-8.15 (Auditorium) AND 15.00-15.45 (Sala A)

Part I morning session: Clinical research can be flawed by error in design, method, and reporting, which lead both to scientific paucity and ethical failing. This 45-minute class focuses on ethics and methodology and aims to define the role of a researcher in conducting clinical research, and follow the evolution of a study, beginning with asking a study question, and cumulating with manuscript publication. No formal research or statistical training is necessary.

Part II afternoon session: Cases of intentional ethical violations and unintentional poor research practice will be presented. The audience will review real-world examples of improper scientific reporting and determine in what part of the study process the error occurred.

Composing a successful abstract. Friday 21st 16.00-16.45 (Sala A)

This hour-long session will take you through the various components of abstract writing. Emphasis will be placed on delineation of the hypothesis, methodology of prospective vs. retrospective studies and clear presentation of results with a succinct conclusion.  Methodology for grading of abstracts and a subsequent "hands-on" piece to allow you to grade representative abstracts will be integrated into the course. Material for preparation of this course will be available on our website on Monday April 4th.

 Please submit your suggestions for the ESPU researcher’s meeting below:

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