Research Activities during ESPU meeting in Helsinki

The ESPU research committee is pleased to announce three educational opportunities in Helsinki. These courses are designed to provide urological researchers with basic skills to improve their ability to successfully conduct research.

Course: 10 Tips to Making a Grant Application Successful

Wednesday 11th 12.45-13.30 (Europaea Hall)
Research costs money, and money doesn’t grow on trees. Although many research grants exist, competition is fierce and worthwhile projects can be rejected. This course aims to give the researcher a few tips and tricks on how to improve their application and increase the likelihood of funding.

Course: Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Part I – Theory, Part II – Practical Application

Thursday 12th 7.15-8.15 (Europaea Hall) AND 14.40-15.15 (Baltic Room, 2nd floor)
Evidenced Base Medicine (EBM) is an approach to medical practice intended to optimize decision-making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well-designed and well-conducted research.  By utilizing meta-analysis, systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials (RCTs), evidenced base medicine seeks to increase statistical power and reduce bias. 

Part I morning session: The morning session will serve as a basic introduction to this system of analysis.  The proper implementation and use of the three primary forms of evidence will be reviewed.  While underscoring the value of this system, it is recognized that many aspects of pediatric urology are not amenable to evaluation using an EBM approach.  Thus the limitations of EBM in pediatric urologic research will also be discussed.

Part II afternoon session: The afternoon session will provide the audience with specific examples in which EBM has been used to 1) effectively identify an important clinical question, 2) set up a well-designed study and 3) obtain highly reliable evidence of clinical significance.  Publications presented will range from low-level to high-level of evidence and samples will be given for interaction with the audience.

Course: Research Committee and JPU Joint Session
Writing a protocol- what can help you to succeed.
Regulatory requirements for research.

Friday 13th 14.30-15:15 (Nordia Hall)

This Research Committee and JPU joint educational session is 45 minutes long, and will cover two important topics; writing a protocol, and regulatory requirements.

Writing a Protocol: Protocol development is a vital first step in conducting research. This session will explore the components of a protocol, and the information that should be detailed in each section. To prepare for the presentation, attendees can download and review the ESPU-RC Protocol Template. The template provides an organized structure for a protocol, including instructions on how to complete each section.

Regulatory Requirements: Most institutions require ethical review and approval of clinical research studies. This session reviews the history of ethical requirement development, and basic guidelines in conducting human subjects research. Ethical considerations for publication of research will also be discussed.