Apply for an ESPU Travel Scholarship

Are you a young doctor (residing in Europe) interested in Paediatric Urology and would like to visit a Paediatric Urology center in Europe?
Do you want your nurse (working in a European hospital) to visit another Paediatric Urology center in Europe?

Write to us and apply for an ESPU Travel Scholarship

  • You have to be an ESPU or ESPUN member (full, corresponding, associate, nurse)
  • You have to stay 3-6 weeks in the guest institution
  • You must write an application to the secretary of the ESPU
  • You have to apply with your own CV
  • You must have contacted your guest institution (+ approval of your stay)
  • (preferably a ordinary ESPU member)
  • You must give us an estimation of your cost of living and travel expenses
  • You will receive the grant upon arrival in your guest institution
  • You have to provide the ESPU board with a report of your visit

Apply for it!

Decisions are made by the board during board meetings :

  • Annual meeting : Deadline 1st March
  • December Board meeting : Deadline 31st September

Submit your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.