ESPU statement on the violence against Ukraine

The ESPU deeply sympathizes with the people of Ukraine who are currently suffering greatly from unjustified and extremely brutal military aggression from outside. We stand together against the use of unwarranted violence to resolve political disputes. 

As doctors and nurses committed to caring for children in need of medical care, we are deeply moved seeing so many children separated from their parents, families and friends, injured or tragically killed. Innocent children are caught in conflict, deprived of their safety and daily life, and subjected to fear and horror with devastating consequences for their short- and long-term development and well-being.

We have reached out to our Ukrainian members to offer our assistance in the medical care of children with urgent urological problems that cannot be treated due to the current events.

We realize that this crisis also affects you as ESPU member in your daily work and life. The only bright spot in this human tragedy is the striking sense of togetherness that is spreading rapidly among billions of people in response to this horrific and barbaric acts of aggression. This offers hope for a better future for humanity, in which cooperation and dialogue prove to be a sustainable, peaceful and efficient way of dealing with conflict.

On behalf of the ESPU Board,

Emilio Merlini, President