Application Research Grant ESPU

The grant is to create contact between institutions with research facilities and young paediatric urologists with research ambitions, both within Europe. The grant is meant as a salary for the researcher and consists of 30.000 € per annum.

The first step is an application of interested institutions. In this application the institution should describe the research project according to the guidelines given below, and have funding for the cost of the research, except for the salary to the person performing the research.


Successful Institution
The next step is advertising the project and the institution , in search for applicants to a research position. The applying person should enter or be in a recognised Paediatric Urology Training programme or be a young Paediatric Urologist (within 5 years of appointment). The grant is given for one year and may on further application be extended for one or two more years. If there are no applicants from other parts of Europe, a named person from the institution and with the above mentioned qualifications, may be considered. The grant is for doing a M.D or PhD thesis.

The application must have the following structure and consist of 2/3 pages A4.

  • Definition of Project
  • Background Information
  • Aims with defined end-point
  • Method
  • Significance of Project
  • Budget :  exact use of money/ time required
  • Statement : other grants involved

The applications will be assessed by a selected group from the Board and may include other experts.