Mission and Vision of the ESPU

ESPU Mission and Vision

The Mission of the ESPU

  • In everything we do, we want to increase/promote best personalized care in children & adolescents with any genito-urinary conditions, independent of where they come from and who they are.
  • Therefore, we put the child at the centre, from a lifelong perspective, enabling them (and their caregivers) to make an informed choice.
  • As a leading independent European based society of paedtatric urology professionals:
    • We are the resource for specialized practitioners worldwide.
      • Providing education & European qualification.
      • Facilitating transfer of state of the art knowledge & information, scientific exchange & international collaboration through multidisciplinary networks.
      • Defining evidence based standards & guidelines for quality of care.
    • We help patients & care givers to find the best care.
    • We act as an influencer for policy makers directing the future of healthcare within our field.

Our vision: We achieve this mission by

  • Adapting what and how we communicate, reaching all stakeholders (patients & caregivers, professionals ...).
  • Activating the next generation within the ESPU.
  • Defining what a good urology professional is and getting official/formal recognition for our sub specialty.
  • Educating (young) professionals in light of this quality definition.
  • Evaluating & reinforcing our research programme.
  • Increasing our funding (charity, pharmaceutical, community ...).
  • Improving the interface with adult urology (transition).
  • Increasing involvement of patients & caregivers.
  • Focusing on our independence while staying collaborative.