Prizes - 2003 Meeting, Madrid, Spain

  • Pharmacia®        oral presentation

  • Ferring®               poster prize (basic research + clinical)

  • Astratech®          nurse presentation


Margret Baka-Ostrowska
Thomas Boemers
Tom de Jong
Piet Hoebeke
Radim Kocvara
Pedro Lopez
Emilio Merlini
  Christian Radmayr
Marcus Riccabona
Doris Rohrmann
Wolfgang Rösch
Ulla Sillén
Serdar Tekgul
Duncan Wilcox


M & M

  • Every poster = judged 4x
  • 8 posters selected
  • Oral : chairman of the session


First prize: Nurse presentation

Very difficult decision

  • J. Van Daele, H. Vanden Bossche, K. Van Cauwenberghe, C. Renson, A. Raes, E. Van Hoecke, J. Vande Walle, P. Hoebeke
    Introducting personal rituals and clockwetting as solution for incontinence by an 8 yr boy with Aspergersyndrome : a case report
  • Astratech®    100€


3rd Prize Oral Presentation

  • 36
    E. Jaureguizar
    The endoscopic use of polydimethylsiloxane in incontinence after 3-stage repair in patients with bladder exstrophy
  • Pharmacia®    100€


2nd Prize Oral Presentation

  • 62
    E. Lusuardi
    Botulinum A toxin: an alternative option in the treatment of detrusor hyperreflexia in meningomyelocoele patients
  • Pharmacia®    200€


1st Prize Oral Presentation

  • 107
    H. Olsen
    Robotic versus standard retroperitoneoscopic pyeloplasty in children
  • Pharmacia®    300€


3rd Prize Poster Basic Research

  • PP132
    D. Gough, K. Gabr, D. Jones, A. Dickson and A. Kelsey, Manchester, UK
    Neuronal deficiency in pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction
  • Ferring®    100€
  • PP102
    E. Yerkes, A. Herndon, M. shaw, M. Cain, A. Casale, R. Rink
    Human acellular dermis as a corporal patch graft
  • Ferring®    100€


2nd Prize Poster Basic Research

  • 50PP
    A. Piaseczna Piotrowska, V. Solari, P. Puri
    Interstitial cells of cajal in the human normal urinary bladder and in the urinary bladder of patients with megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome
  • Ferring®    200€


1st Prize Poster Basic Research

  • PP7
    D. Melchior, T-C. Johnson, C-S. Packer, M. Kaefer
    Bladder augmentation using acellular dermis in an allogeneic model
  • Ferring®   300€


3rd Prize Poster Clinical

  • PD29
    P. Hoebeke, C. Renson, A. Raes, E. Van Laecke, J. VandeWalle
    Pelvic floor spasms in children: an unknown condition responding well to pelvic floor therapy
  • Ferring®   100€
  • PP
    B. Akdogan
    The Hacettepe experience in pediatric stone disease
  • Ferring®   100€


2nd Prize Poster Clinical

  • PP24
    G. Holmdahl, K. Abrahamsson, A. Hellstrom, E. Sölsnes, U. Sillén
    Self-catheterisation during the teenage period; what are the problem?
  • Ferring®   200€


1st Prize Poster Clinical

  • PP19
    S. Warne, M. Godley, D. Wilcox
    Urological status in infants with anorectal malformation - are there gender differences?
  • Ferring®   300€