History Session - 2008 Meeting, Nice, France


  • Opening remarks by Jeff Valla
  • Introduction and few ramarks on History Club of ESPU:by S.N.Cenk Buyukunal
  • History of French Pediatric Urology 1950-2000 by Prof Noel Genton,Switzerland(20 minutes)
  • How did the surgeons deal with pediatric urology problems in 18th century by Ebru Yesildag-S.N. Cenk Buyukunal,Turkey(15 minutes)
  • Discussion
  • Closing remarks by Guy Bogaert

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History of French Paediatric Urology, 1950-2000
Presentation by Noël Genton
Prof Noel Genton is a well known pediatric urologist.Besides his bright carrier in this field ,he has enormous experience and efforts in the field of History of Medicine.
In his lecture he will give us the brief story of development of pediatric urology in France, during the last " half century".

How did the ancient surgeons deal with pediatric urological problems in 18th century century?
Presentation by Ebru Yesildag, Rubén Martínez Muñiz and S.N. Cenk Büyükünal
In this paper the translation of some of the pediatric urological problems from an old surgical textbook written in Spanish will be presented.

In this paper the translation of some of the pediatric urological problems from an old surgical textbook written in Spanish has been presented :

When is this treatment necessary
Resolving or cutting the frenulum of the penis should be practiced firstly when the inferior part streches and retracts the glans penis, bends the shaft more than the natural, obstructs at the same time the enlargement of the penis so that the men become incompetent or inable to have children. This, as we told before, should also be performed in the men who had gonorrhea, phymosis or paraphymosis. This operation is carried on as it is in the frenulum of the tongue. It is cut with a scalpel cautiously and it is cut until the penis can extend freely.
How is it performed
After it is separated or cut you should put a dressing of a dry lint and the penis should be placed on a strong cartoon or a metal tube or a very thin wood so that slowly it becomes straight and conserves that figure. It is not rare but although the frenulum is loose, the penis may be bended and it can not enlarge suficiently. When this occurs, it dangers the achievement of the natural construction and allows little or no curation. If you think that the man is incompetent for the marriage and for having children, you should attempt to treat it by applying emollients to the area or to the part which is tight and contracted; finally you should do some incisions or superficial wounds in the part of the skin which is contracted in order to reduce the curvature of the penis to the form and state of natural.

The reason and the treatment of this disorder
Sometimes the men expel urine continuously and involuntarily to their underwear or to bed, because of that the muscles of the bladder weaken and relax. This cause a great affliction in those who suffer this problem and in those who look after them. There may be two principal causes of the incontinence: not rarely it develops because of a calcule or stone in the bladder; and sometimes because of debility and paralysis of its sphincter. If it occurs because of a calcule in the bladder you can not cure it but with lithotomy or calcule extraction. Even with lithotomia you can not achieve its perfect eradication. But in reality, when the body or the sphincter of the bladder is weak, then (are the principles) application of comforting medicines, medicines nervinos , is effective aid for the health.
Other treatment
As this disease rarely can be overcome, the different suitable instruments that the doctors had invented and choosed to ease and suspend the continuous profusion of urine, minor the great bother, did not cause admiration. There is a type of a wineskin, very suitable, made of leather and interiorly covered with tar. It is constructed with certain folds or plicates, like a bellows so that it can expand and its cavity should be libra (=460 g) or libra y media. Inside of it the penis will enter, could be carried comfortably and with modesty in the muscles and pants. Before it fills you should empty it, wash it and wear again. Its image is well described in the Table 26.fig.7. But the modern surgeons, to provide better comfort to effected people, invented an other instrument which is more useful and suitable. In this instrument the penis and the urethra are covered and compressed softly and the urine is contained in the bladder for larger periods both during the day and also during the night. This instrument or light maschine should be fabricated of a soft leather which can easily be tightened and loosened, as showed in the experiments of Surgeons Nuckio which we show in the Table 26.fig.8, indicated in fig.9. This is the most convenient and easily tightening and loosening device according to the diverse crasitud of penis. Its use is experienced in many patients. Fouberto in Actos de la Academia Chirurgica, Tom. I, much after then me, described a small machine in his cutting and extrahering stone (Tab.I.fig.4) and treatment as a new thing, but omitted my name; in reality, according to what I understand, he named it improperly as le Bandage pour comprimer l’urethre, is not belt: because the french understand that une bande ou un bandage and this only names a machine, instrument or iron.
The method of NucKio and Voinflovio
Voinflovio and before him, Nuckio, teached that this disease can be repaired if you put an instrument similar that we use in hernias and we, take from Nuckio, demonstrated it in the Table 26.fig10, which can also be used for perineal fistulas: encircle the body with the shield F, sit on perineum and tighten it together with the posterior part of the urethra with the help of the trochlea D in order that the urine can not drain out untill it is loosened. Although I can not dare to condemn this method I think the prior method of closing it, is much appropriate, and frecuently used.