Hypospadias Repair Advanced Course
From Monday 17 April 2023
To Tuesday 18 April 2023

Hypospadias is a relatively frequent condition, and its correction is commonly challenging. Penile repairs are based on major principles; however, every operation has been subject to countless variations. In current clinical practice, the diversity of techniques suggests that the perfect operation has yet to be conceived and many issues are still
hot topics under discussion.

Our course utilizes the VITOM® exoscope; it is an amazing teaching instrument giving the possibility to enhance the surgery by offering an HD image and the recording capability. With a well-known expert faculty, this course will provide evidence-based lectures and interactive live surgery to provide the attendees a theoretical update.
The experts and participants will share many useful surgical tips and tricks in the field of hypospadiology through a live “exoscopic” visualization of different surgical techniques used in hypospadias repair.

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Location Hospital of Braga/University of Minho Medical School, Braga, Portugal