A Summary of the Function of the ESPU(N)

The European Society of Paediatric Urology (ESPU) was founded in 1989.

A few years later 1995, the European Society for Paediatric Nurses (ESPUN) was founded.

The ESPUN is affiliated to ESPU but they operate as an independent group.
The advantages of being affiliated are that we receive support from ESPU both financial and educational, we also benefit from the existing contacts within the industry that ESPU already hold, together with being able to use the ESPU logo for our meetings.

 During the ESPU conferences, we have the opportunity to organise our own scientific convention and our members and guests are entitled to join these meetings at a reduced delegate rate.

The ESPUN has a Board, which must consist of between 3 and at most 7 members.
No more than 2 members may have the same country of practice.

Each member has a term of four years and can be re-elected a second time for another term of the same duration but only if no new delegate stands for election.

Every ordinary member of the ESPUN shall have the opportunity to submit for nomination to the board.

A President, Secretary and a Treasurer are being appointed by the board – together they form the Executive Committee.

The duties of:


  • Represent the ESPU-N board and the members in all officially matters of the society and of organisations which are related to the ESPU
  • Responsible for the programme of the board-meeting
  • Communicate with the ESPU board
  • Responsible for all matters concerning the formal invitation and organise in preparing the annual meeting
  • Be responsible for the devolution of the annual meeting
  • Be responsible for the speech at the annual meeting


  • Supporting the president
  • Responsible for recording of all meetings
  • Keeping and recording minutes of all meetings
  • Maintaining the data base of new members
  • Communicating regularly with the treasurer


  • collect membership fee from all members
  • Registration of new members
  • Update of the membership list on the ESPU (N) website
  • prepare an update of the financial statement before every AGM
  • prepare a business plan for the coming year at the AGM and at each Board meeting
  • be responsible for the accountancy of the ESPU (N)
  • be responsible for all transactions for members and board members

Board member

  • Support of the Executive committee
  • be a contact for all members of ESPU (U)
  • be responsible for accepted task (language course, website, evaluation form, scholarship…)

A Board member may have more than one function. Tasks are being attributed according to the circumstances.

The Board meets twice a year.
A first time during the ESPU – ESPUN congress to discuss the ESPUN matters and for preparing the AGM.

A second time at the end of November to prepare for the following years congress (reading and evaluating all abstracts, establishing a programme / action plan, discussing engagements,…).

The meetings are organised and held on a convenient location for all board members and take one and a half to two days.

Members are requested to seek sponsorship to help cover travelling and hotel costs.
In special cases, however all expenses related to the Board will be covered by the Society.

The aim of the Society is the promotion of paediatric urological science and practises, specifically referring to nurses and urotherapists.