• Educational Committee

    Educational Committee

    The Educational committee of the ESPU aims to promote education and training activities throughout Europe. To this effect it has been very successful and its record speaks for itself. Since 2003, annual courses have been held in different countries within the EU.
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ESPU-Learn is a collection of courses and resources (webinars, learning modules, journal club...) for pediatric urology learning.

The webinar "Management of Duplex System Ureterocele" discussion with Emilio Merlini and moderated by Marco Castagnetti is available: https://espu-learn.org/category/webinars/

You will have to create your ESPU-Learn account on this web site (membership account can't be used on ESPU-Learn).

Annual courses

As part of its mission to promote education and training in pediatric urology throughout Europe, the ESPU Educational Committee organises annual courses since 2003.
The program provides full up-to-date overview of pediatric urology in a one day course, with lectures and clinical-case sessions given by European experts in the field.
In some occasions, annual courses may have been organised as a joint event with a workshop on a specific subject.

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