Outline for Accreditation CME activities

 Online application for CME credits attribution (for organizers)

Accreditation CME activities (congresses and courses - CME)

  • Task and responsibility of the Educational Committee of ESPU
    Accreditation of events / activities
    - application forms and criteria for accreditation to be defined by ESPU
    (EBU forms already designed, as are the accreditation criteria - reference is also made to the UEMS rules:   www.uems.be - EACCME)
  • After accreditation of the CME event
    • ESPU EC
      defines the category : 1, 2 or 6 (these are the current EBU categories)
      defines the number of credits
      (Credits are given according to the general rule of 1 credit per hour, though a weighing system might be considered)
      codes of the event : i.e. ESPU0310 = organiser year and number
    • ESPU EC informs organiser and EBU on the accreditation, including event code, category and number of credits.
    • ESPU EC performs regular evaluations of the events.
    • EBU processes the information in the EBU CME system, the event is published on the EBU CME Website, including the category and number of credits. A link can be established to the organiser of the event (including the scientific programme and further information on the event).

Attendance control (congresses and courses - CME)

  • EBU provides
    scanners (card readers) at accredited congresses and courses
    presence of individuals can be controlled , if desired
    Organiser takes care of the attendance control according to a scheme which has been agreed between EBU, ESPU and organiser
    Organisers returns the scanners
  • EBU processed the data retrieved from the scanners
    presence is then automatically registered into the EBU system
    credits are automatically attributed to individuals
    information directly available at EBU Website
  • If no attendance control with scanners is desired:
    Organiser sends in lists to EBU with participants in the event, indicating CME registration number, name and activity code

CME activities: Credit reports

Once a year active participants receive a credit report validated by EBU and/or ESPU
reports are either sent directly from the EBU office or through the ESPU office
reports include:

  • activities participated
  • overview of credits per category per year and total

On request and upon payment of an additional fee more reports are submitted if required

Updated information and individual credit reports are also available via EBU Website :  www.ebu.com for active CME/CPD participants only.