European Training Requirements (ETR) in Paediatric Urology

Please, read carefully the ETR for details.

General aspects of a training program

The training program must be within the countries where the UEMS regulations applies.

The candidate for the program director must apply directly to the EBPU for accreditation of the program. Applications should include detailed information concerning the institution(s), medical and academic facilities, and staff.
Download application form here

A schedule of the training program for the whole fellowship period of 2 years must be also provided.

The documents will be reviewed by the EBPU and, if approved, the site visit will be scheduled. The report prepared by 2 surveyors will be discussed by the EBPU and then the decision on accreditation is made. 

Accreditation is valid for 5 years. At the end of the last year the PD must apply for re-accreditation.

Any changes (e.g. a new program director) must be reported to the EBPU for approval.

All documents should be sent to the administrative coordinator of the MJCPU/EBPU. The application form in word format can be asked by the administrative coordinator of the MJCPU/EBPU. Only the appropriate form will be worked out by the EBPU.

See this page for the related fees.

Administrative Coordinator:

Mrs VĂ©ronique Michiels
ESPU Administrative Coordinator
UZ Gasthuisberg
49 Herestraat
3000 Leuven

Phone: +32 16 346698
Fax: + 32 16 346931
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