EBPU Announcement on Covid-19 measures

The COVID-19 situation has been having an enormous impact on the whole of society. During the last meeting, the EBPU has taken some measures as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • 2022 FEAPU EXAM:

    As the ESPU annual meeting will be held on-line this year, the EBPU has made the decision that both parts (the MCQs and the clinical scenarios) of the FEAPU exam will be provided in February 2022.

    New date: The Exam will take place on Friday 25th February and Saturday 26th February 2022 in Leuven (Belgium).

    The candidates whose applications for the 2021 FEAPU exam have been approved are invited to take the exam in 2022.

    The new candidates can apply from 1st August till 10th October 2021.

  • Re-certification as FEAPU: the year 2020 will not count. Certification will be prolonged by 1 year for all colleagues who are due for re-certification between 2020 and 2024, thus having 6 years instead of 5 to gain their CME credits.
  • Re-accreditation of the training programmes: the year 2020 will not count. Accreditation will be prolonged by 1 year for the training programmes listed for re-certification between 2020 and 2024.

We hope that these initiatives, in response to the current Covid-19 situation, will be acceptable to all who are affected by the crisis.

Yours faithfully,

sign rafal chrzan

Prof. Rafal Chrzan
EBPU - Secretary