Urotherapy Book

58 been treated with Oxybutynin therapy. This was discontinued after she had side effects and no effect on urinary incontinence. Jennifer is wetting during the day. This seems to be related to laughter; parents only see urinary incontinence when laughing abundantly together with friends. When she becomes wet, her whole pant will be wet, although the extent depends on whether she has recently been to the toilet. Her micturition frequency is about 6-7× per day, maximum voided volume is about 250 ml Urine stream: she has no abnormal direction of the urine stream. She doesn't have to strain while voiding. Fluid intake; she drinks 8 glasses a day. She has not had urinary tract infections. At night she has no enuresis; when she needs to go, she can wake up. She has no poo problems, no faecal incontinence, her bowel movements are daily and Bristol stool chart scores 3-4. Psychosocial history Her school results are very good; she likes to go to school and see her friends. Family situation: happy and healthy family situation. Social: she is very social; she enjoys playing with her best friend. She plays dress-up games and she can often be found with her horses at the riding school. Sport: horse riding and gymnastics. Impact of her wetting incidents; she feels really embarrassed when she loses urine while laughing. She has tried to laugh less, but that’s hard. Every day, she has a lot of fun with her friends, and she often gets a good laugh. The wetting accidents frustrates her, and her parents are concerned that some of the other children will bully her.