Urotherapy Book

46 3. Voiding with relaxed pelvic floor 4. No residual urine Therapy To promote good micturation habits, she is instructed to:  Go to the toilet and pee every 3 hours during daytime. First time in the morning and the last time before going to bed.  Drinking should be spread throughout the day with at least 6-8 glasses of waterbased drinks.  She is to focus on trying to relax the pelvic floor when peeing and listen to the urine stream. If it loses power she shall take a deep breath and exhale slowly with a semiclosed mouth to relax the pelvic floor optimal. She shall also relax the gluteus muscles, abdomen and thighs during voiding.  Before the next visit, they are instructed to fill in a two-day bladder diary for evaluation. Refer to Training instructions -Bladder diary Follow-up With telephone contact after two weeks. Tessa's progress is monitored. Her mother says that Tessa has been filling in the micturition chart and becoming more aware of when she needs to go to the toilet. They are struggling with getting her to drink more during the day but have had help from teachers in school and she has a drinking bottle of 500 ml that she drinks during school time. Tessa is also by the phone and says that she has tried hard, and her urine incontinence is lesser now than before. She tries to relax as much as possible while she pees and says that her belly is like a soft bun. Tessa gets praise for her hard work, and they continue for a few more weeks with the charts and then try to see if she can continue voiding more often without them. They get a reminder of the bladder diary they shall fill in before the next visit. They come back to the clinic after 2 months.