Urotherapy Book

43 Teaching Proper toilet position Sitting position on the toilet To void effectively, a correct sitting position is vital. Sitting with good balance makes it easy to relax the abdomen and pelvic floor. The child should sit with the back upright or slightly forward leaning, maybe supporting the elbows on the thighs. The feet are preferable supported on a foot stool if the floor cannot be reached. Sitting back on the toilet with support for the thighs also helps. During voiding the abdomen and pelvic floor should be relaxed for the urine to be passed. Teaching breathing techniques is a part of the training (see below). This can be done by slowly breathing out with an open mouth when the urine starts to flow. If the child contracts its abdomen muscles, then the pelvic floor also contracts. Teaching breathing techniques: The child will be instructed to breathe through the nose and to follow their breath as it moved from the head towards the pelvic floor. Ask the child to imagine the abdominopelvic cavity as a balloon that inflates as they breathe, to feel their pelvis move downward while feeling the rise of the abdomen by putting the hand on the belly. Tell the