Urotherapy Book

39 Her favourite sport is swimming. She is in grade 6 at a primary school and she has one best friend. Assessment She poops 2-3 times a week with stool like Bristol 4. She has no faecal incontinence or pain when she poops. She doesn’t like to go to the toilet in school to poop and avoids this. Once a week, she can have large stools that clogs the toilet. She never needs to run to the toilet when she needs to poop and has no pain in the stomach or bloated belly. She pees 3-4 times a day but can avoid peeing in school. She has urgency few times a week and has small leakage of urine 2-3 times a week when she comes home from school. She pees with a normal unabrupt stream and has no hesitancy or need to push the urine out. At night she has no enuresis but a few nights a week, she wakes up and rushes to the toilet with drops of urine leaking in her underwear. She has no problem waking up at night. Transabdominal ultrasound shows a rectum width 2,4 cm15. The detrusor muscles look a bit thick and measures 5 mm, measured while the bladder was empty. The urine bladder contains about 180 ml urine. She pees on the uroflow with a staccato flow and Q-max 25 ml/sec. Residual urine 35 ml.