Urotherapy Book

33 The Urotherapist compliments him on this good result. And she asked him how he manages to train so well. He told her that keeping the list reminds him to go to the toilet when he feels his bladder signal. He noticed some effects of the medication on his number of wee's per day which now varied between 7-8 times. Tele-coaching Third week phone contact; the Urotherapist repeats and mentions the key training elements: (How to void, how often to void and when to void). He is training really hard. He is able to apply all trainings elements on his own and little help is needed from parents. His training result from last week are as follows Day Number of Drinks/ voidings Dry/wet Notes from his mom Monday 1 December 6 glasses 6 Normal school day, went to tennis after school Tuesday 2 December 7 8 Played with friends after school, went to the toilet timely Wednesday 3 December 6 7 Wet just before dinner, had an exciting day, due to his brother‘s birthday. Thursday 4 December 7 9 Did great, had a few drops in his pants. Smaller than 2 euro coin. Friday 5 December 5 8 went to school, trained hard. Saturday 6 December 8 7 He was dry till afternoon then he became wet. He didn't notice his bladder due to playing with his father and brother. Sunday 7 December 6 7 We went to the forest. Monday 8 December 5 6 Still dry …till phone call