Urotherapy Book

31 Training instructions (also case 3) You will learn 1. How you should wee (in a relaxed way) 2. When you should wee (try and go when you feel the need) 3. How often you should wee (about seven times each day) If you’re busy and you feel that you must wee, you must go to the toilet straightaway! You’ll be thinking: “I’d better wee to make sure that I can reach my target to wee seven times per day.” At school, you will have to wee as well (during the break if you can). Try to go even if the toilet is very dirty. If you must, you can wee standing up at school. When you are on the toilet, remember to:  Sit up straight, with your feet on the ground or a footstool.  Keep your tummy relaxed.  Wait until the wee comes and don’t force it out.  Wee in one go (listen carefully to make sure you are weeing in one steady stream).  Breathe out gently or hum while you are weeing. Every time you’ve done a wee, sign the list. Make sure the list is kept in the same place so that you can sign it quickly and easily. If you wee’d while you were at school, you must remember that for a while. You could write a line on your hand for example so that you don’t forget. You can add this to the list when you get home. At the end of the day, your father or mother will write something on your list. To remember!!!???? Try to do it as well as possible. Go to the toilet because you know that it is important. You don’t feel very good?? how full your bladder is, that’s why you must go always on time, 7 times each day. If you forget to do this, there is a risk your bladder would be too large. If you don’t like to go, think “I better go and reach my target. Make sure you drink enough at home (1.5 litres). You must try and feel when you need to go. Your mother or father can help you by saying “1-2-3”. You then ask yourself, “Do I need to wee