Urotherapy Book

25 His older brother wetted his bed until he was 10 years old. David likes playing football and video games with his friends after school. He enjoys going to school and loves math. During summer he went on a summer camp and his family doctor prescribed desmopressin to manage bed wetting during the camp. Assessment History: David comes with his mother to the clinic He has been referred by the general practitioner since his daytime and night wetting persists. Based on their answers you get the following information: He is wetting day and night; both his underpants and his pants are often wet. He usually walks around with it. It often starts with a big wet spot that gets bigger and bigger. Mother told you that she sends him to the toilet when she sees him holding up, visible by holding manoeuvres, like wiggling. After school, when he is playing football outside or videogames, he is wet more often. The imperative urge to urinate is particularly bothersome to him. In total, his micturition frequency is about 9× per day. He doesn't have to strain while voiding. His fluid intake is about 7 glasses a day. At night, he wears diapers. He is a deep sleeper and he never wakes up for weeing. He has no poo problems, no faecal incontinence, his bowel movements are daily and Bristol stool chart scores 3-4. Psycho socially: Before the visit, his mother completed the SDQ (strength and difficulties questionnaire): his total score was 10, which is normal and there are no suspicions of any behavioural problems. His school results are fine and he has normal concentration. He likes to go to school and see his friends. Family situation: happy and healthy family situation. Impact of his bladder problems: He feels embarrassed when he needs to go often to the