Urotherapy Book

2 Foreword It is a great pleasure and an honour to write a foreword to the Urotherapy web book. This book has been completely conceived and realized within the ESPU thanks to the efforts of the Authors belonging to the ESPU Nurses Group and to the Educational Committee. Urotherapy is an important therapeutic modality and a key-stone in the treatment of functional bladder disorders, but it requires expert and dedicated personnel, with specific training and motivations. Unfortunately, even in Europe, urotherapy is not so widespread utilized as it would be necessary and desirable, because of the lack of specialized Urotherapists and lack of resources. These reasons have prompted us to promote this web book, in the hope that it may help in diffusion of the knowledge and practice of these techniques and procedures but, specially it will help in the understanding of the functional mechanisms underlying the onset of lower urinary tract dysfunctions. This book is a very practical one, based on the description and discussion of typical cases of LUT dysfunctions and I am sure that it will soon become popular among our members who will find it on our website. Once again ESPU has demonstrated to be an active Society with a special interest in promoting and diffusing all the aspects of Paediatric Urological knowledge. I wish to thank again, also on behalf of ESPU Members, the Authors for their tremendous efforts and dedicated work. Emilio Merlini F.E.A.P.U. President of ESPU, 2022- September